Why Choose Us

With loads of time dedicated to outdoor play, we nurture the connection to nature’s natural healing and teaching powers.

We teach kindness and respect, so your child can make meaningful relationships for a lifetime.

Because muscles are made to move, we strengthen bodies through dance, games, play, and more every day.

Coded access entry only guarantees our commitment to safety.

They’ll gain confidence and practical life skills as they learn to dress themselves, prepare food, clean up, and more.

We teach STEAM through hands-on experiments, art projects, games, and discussion, so your child can hone their critical thinking skills.

Extras like cooking, music, art, and Spanish expand lexicon, create new brain pathways for expression, and inspire joy.

Daily reports, pictures, and videos of your child’s day are just a click away thanks to our easy-to-use free app for daily communication.

We invite parents to take part in their child’s early learning journey through volunteering in the classroom, to sitting on the parent advisory board.

Our class design is thoughtful, without clutter, and painstakingly clean to keep us safe and healthy.

Our qualified, caring teachers are the soul of your child’s experience with us and we invest in them so they have the tools to deliver.

Fresh, yummy, and nutritious meals, provided by the parents, and snacks, provided bythe school, keep your child powered up to seize the day, every day.

how old is your child?

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12 - 15 Mths


15 mths - 2.9 yrs

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2.9 - 4 Years

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4 - 5 years

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Summer camp

12 months - 8 years