Love, Learning, Joy, And Fun

Safety And Comfort For Your Sweet Child

A little girl in a pink dress at a Preschool & Daycare Serving Clinton, North Attleborough, Plainville, Ridgefield, Windham MA

Love, Learning, Joy, And Fun

Safety And Comfort For Your Sweet Baby

Infant | 12 - 15 Months | Serving Plainville, MA

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A Peaceful, Loving Environment For Your Child

A Peaceful, Loving Environment For Your Child

Your precious little one feels love and care, with the one-on-one attention they get from their caregiver every day. Hugs, cuddles, kind words, soft tones, and plenty of smiles are a few ways we lovingly care for your child.

Daily Tummy Time And
Movement For Growth

Tummy time happens daily to build your child’s core muscles, and our teachers gently play with your child to help them coordinate body movements that evolve over the first weeks and months of life.
Daily Tummy Time And Movement For Growth
Outdoor Play Helps Develop The Senses

Outdoor Play Helps
Develop The Senses

Weather permitting, your child will spend the majority of the day enjoying the outdoors. Nature provides a wondrous sensory classroom for your precious little one. The wind rustling leaves on a tree provide movement for their eyes to follow, sound for small ears, and the feel of fresh air on their face.

Strict Security Measures Keep Your Child Safe

We will keep your child safe, as we take rigorous external measures to secure our property. Entry to our buildings require access codes.
Taking Child Steps Towards Independence

Taking Child Steps Towards Independence

Your little one will reach for objects, start feeding themselves, maybe even using a spoon. Our teachers gently support your child’s efforts to do things for themselves with loads of love and encouragement.

Fun Games To Promote Early Learning

Your child will explore and learn about the world around them by playing simple games like peek-a-boo or feeling the different textures of a toy. These games help their cognitive functions as they gain new abilities.
Fun Games To Promote Early Learning
Language Starts Early With Books, Singing, And More

Language Starts Early With Books, Singing, And More

Every day we read books, sing songs, identify objects, and use plenty of descriptive language so your child can learn. Child sign language, which we introduce at six months of age, gives your child a head start on communication.

Keep Track Of Your Child’s Day With Procare

Keeping track of feedings, diaper changes, naps, and play activities is easy with the Procare app. You also get sweet pictures and videos to reassure you that your child is having a great day.
Keep Track Of Your Baby’s Day With Procare
Spend Time In The Classroom With Your Baby

Spend Time In The Classroom With Your Child

We always welcome parents that want to spend some time in our classrooms as a visitor or volunteer. You can take your involvement in school matters one step further by joining our parent association and help organize and sponsor special events.

Our Classrooms Are
Deep-Cleaned Every Day

We safeguard your precious child’s health in our immaculately, clean classrooms. Our teachers do a great job sanitizing and keeping our spaces tidy and safe. Cleaning services come on-site to thoroughly deep-clean our schools after hours.
Our Classrooms Are Deep-Cleaned Every Day
Loving Caregivers Respond To Your Child’s Needs

Loving Caregivers Respond To Your Child’s Needs

Our infant room teachers are well trained in the area of early childhood development, with an EEC certificate, and understand what your child needs to thrive. First and foremost, they will provide your child with the love and attentive care they deserve.

Giving Your Child
A Healthy Head Start
With Nutritious Snacks

We help when your child is ready to eat solid foods. Healthy snacks that include fresh fruit and vegetables are cut into small, manageable pieces so your child can learn how to feed themselves, and try healthy foods.
Giving Your Child A Healthy Head Start With Nutritious Snacks

parent reviews

Cristina Capatina
Read More
This place gave me the piece of mind that my kids are in the right place when it comes to developing the right skills and get the right preparation for school. They have all sorts of great activities that are enhancing their logic . Also my favorite part is that I get thought the app updates and photos every day. Teachers are very sweet and always welcome to respond to any questions. Great place, I love it.
Olivia Powell
Read More
This school has been awesome for my son. My son was kept home until he was 3, he had separation anxiety, fears, sensory issues, medical issues, etc. this school made his transition so smooth and my son LOVED going and always raved about his teachers and friends! I could go on and on but honestly it was just such a good experience for us they were really on top of things and you could tell they genuinely cared.
Sarah Giambanco
Read More
Both of my children attend Discovery and we couldn’t be happier. Danielle and the rest of the staff have been so kind and accommodating. I continue to be amazed at how much my 3 and 1/2 year old is learning both socially and academically. More importantly, both our kids love it there and always come out with smiling faces.
Sarah Angelus
Read More
I can’t say enough good things about Discovery Day! I sent my son to this day care since he was one years old After looking into several preschool programs in the area. They always take care of him like family ,he is 3 years old now and he loves it and I really feel my son is safe with them ,he enjoyed his time learn new things they are vey patient lovely helpful amazing team.
Sydney Herron
Read More
I love Discovery daycare! When I first enrolled my son, it was a very hard transition. They were so welcoming and took their time with him. We’re now going on 1.5 years with the school and he loves it! The teachers are amazing ! Couldn’t recommend a better daycare !
Dzmitry Makatsaryia
Read More
This is place is great. We started this day care when our little son was 1,5 yo. And the accommodation was easy and fast, now it’s almost 2 years since we joint the daycare. The teachers are nice and professional. They have a lot of activities for kids and great schedule. Highly recommend.
Gina Rodriguez
Read More
My daughter loves Discovery Day! The staff is so kind and caring, they welcomed her with open arms. They have an app to communicate with parents and I love getting pics and videos of all the activities my daughter is doing throughout the day!!
Kristy DeStefano
Read More
We LOVE Discovery Daycare. It’s hard to leave your child with anyone, but I’m always certain that the teachers treat my son with love, nurturing, and kindness. His teachers feel like they are part of our family and communicate with us openly and frequently. I would recommend Discovery Day to anyone who wants the best childcare for their littles.
Dave C
Read More
Animal Crackers has provided an amazing experience for my daughter, she’s learning so much, has fun when in school and has made a ton of friends. The staff have been incredible and super involved updating us on our daughters progress every day. AC Truly offers the best experience a parent could hope for in a school.
Katelyn Haldiman
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I highly recommend Animal Crackers for preschool! My daughter has really blossomed this past year, she has some anxiety especially in social settings, since starting Animal Crackers I have noticed a great improvement. She enjoys going to school everyday and the teachers are the best! She has truly learned so much and I believe she is ready for kindergarten thanks to the wonderful staff. I love it so much I’m sending my other daughter there this summer!
Nicole Habr
Read More
Animal Crackers is a fabulous preschool. Both of my children have attended and have had the best time during the school year and at summer camp. They’ve learned a ton while still having a blast. All of the teachers are amazing and have loved and cared for my children like they were their own.
Alexandra Riley
Read More
This is our first year at Animal Crackers and our son LOVES it! We could not be happier with his teachers and all of the wonderful friends he has made. He is always engaged in something new everyday and so excited to tell me about his day when he gets home. It is evident that there is so much care and effort that goes into planning each day. If you are looking for a place like home, Animal Crackers is it!