How To Continue Your Child’s Early Education, Virtually

Now, more than ever, kids need routine, connection, and a safe outlet to learn and grow.

The most important years of development for children are from birth to five. It’s crucial to keep your child active and learning during this time of #stayhome orders. Understandably, many parents are struggling with working from home while keeping kids engaged.

To help bring the “normalcy” back to your family’s everyday schedule, we’ve created an interactive online preschool.

An online early learning program can help your child with a familiar routine while creating connection with other families in your community. It will also further their growth and education so they’ll be ahead when they’re ready to go back to school (or start school for the first time!)

Here Are A Few Benefits Of Continuing Your Child’s Education Virtually, Along With A Couple Tips For Success! ????


  1. An online learning program can help your child keep a regular schedule.

Remember, everyone thrives on a routine. Part of the benefits of starting children in a regular early learning program is to get them into a routine for learning and development. Routine helps children (and adults!) make sense of the world, and we all need some of that right now!

Online preschool is the perfect opportunity to get your child into that routine, while giving you a little time to do some work from home. Our program has a daily schedule that gives habit and interactivity to learning, while allowing you to plan work time in advance.


  1. Continual interactive learning from home will help with your child’s development. 

When learning is fun and enjoyable it creates well-adjusted individuals with a purpose in life. Children who experience the joy of learning are happy, confident and fulfilled.

Early education programs have positive impacts on all children’s cognitive and language development, and we’re doing our best to continue these benefits for your children at home. Activities your child will love include drama, songs, karate, nature walks, arts activities, or more. The program is much more than screen time! Our amazing teachers offer interactive scheduling for 3.5 hours a day and you’ll also have access to hours of recorded videos.


  1. You and your child will get to connect with local early educators and families with children of the same age.

This is a sad time for all of us.  We naturally crave human interaction and familiarity. The communication between our teachers and your little learners aids in effective learning while creating ties.  It gives your child a trusted connection and a joy of learning.

It is through interaction that children develop executive function and self-regulation skills.  These skills help our minds to focus, plan, remember instructions, and multi-task.

In our online program, parents and kids are loving our enthusiastic and engaging teachers! Our private Facebook group is allowing for families with small children to connect with each other and support one another.


  1. Kids will be exposed to new creative learning & play opportunities.

Now is the time for love, understanding, and guidance.  It can also be a time for us to get creative and use your imagination.  We’ve developed the online program to include activities to meet the needs of the whole child: mind, body, and spirit. From drama classes to yoga, cooking and art, your child will have a regular schedule of activities to engage with, along with a library of recordings.

Tips For Online Learning

By providing hours of content, along with 3.5 hours of optional interactive activities, we are simply giving the options that allow for you, the parent, to get some work done, take a shower, or have a breather while your child is engaged in educational content with a familiar face. This does not mean we expect your child to sit in a structured seat and take vigorous notes. It may be helpful to provide your child at home with options for hands and body right from the start and prepare them with any needed materials.

  1. Parents are the best role models!

While we are doing what we can from behind the screen to engage your child, remember to lead by example. Singing, dancing, engaging with the teachers is more likely to occur when parents set the tone when they can! No need to be shy, we are all in this together!

  1. Feel free to do the lessons live for your family!

All of the ideas shared in the virtual classroom can be taken and used for in person activities. We encourage parents to learn from our educators and do these lessons and activities with their children at home for the in-person experience!

  1. Unplug if you need

We understand the need to walk away from the computer screen from time to time to give your eyes a break! We encourage our families to do just that. Taking some time through the day to break, reset, and come back is not only essential for your health but helps with the process of understanding and retaining information.

  1. 4. We are a community & always here for you!

This is new for all of us; educators too! It is with our best intentions to provide meaningful content and curriculum during this unprecedented time. We appreciate hearing from you! Your feedback is helpful in assisting us in creating the best virtual classroom experience possible. We hope this experience unites our community and supports each of our families until we meet in-person again.

For more information on our interactive virtual learning preschool please call or text Emily at 1-508-504-9071, email or request more info here:

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